My Vizsla is some… Sensei. A master of teaching humans. At least… me.

She is one perfect alarm system signaling when I need to get my acts together. And when I feel this all-or-nothing situation, what she puts me in, I, all of a sudden, am able to get my acts together.

Vizsla did not bark for the 11 hours I was away yesterday. Not even a whine. Based on 3 different neighbors’ summary. And she did not bark today between 8 and 5 while I was away. According to the info by the same 3 neighbors.

I am constantly thinking about what I am doing differently than before. Of course the biggest difference is the mornings. Not necessarily running all the time, but a forced march with backpack on back and weight in backpack. For her. On a minimum leash, with minimum possibility to sniff around, and only at places where I let her. For at least an hour early morning. This is a very controlled activity, with immediate correction on the walk when needed.

Since I am doing this, she seems much balanced. And no barking. And by “seems” I mean she has visible signs. She is paying attention to me. Does giv a sh*t, if you like. She even gains weight day by day.

We are on the right track. Now I know it is out of question to be lazy and skip these mornings – that will result in a massive anxiety for her. It is something that can return any time she feels abandoned and the need to take over the leadership. Free play in a dogpark, loose long leash on whih she can go and sniff wherever she wants… allowing her to make any decisions in general will make her feel she needs to replace me, the human allowing her to make those decisions. Cannot happen again.

No effing way.