My company closes in Q1 2017. I found it out by chance, by being sent an email by one of my service providers that was never meant to be seen by me. Loyalty though made this partner of mine send it to me before giving out a quotation to our EU HQ for a structure completely omitting my team’s participation. I put then a question to my top manager who unofficially broke the news. Q1 2017. Not only for my team – for everyone.

And I am happier than ever. I won’t need to be unfaithful. It is the company that will be unfauithful. And the misery is over. Inhumane working hours and demands are over.

This is my chance to make the change I have wanted. This is my chance to make a step towards the human I want to be. This is my chance to get closer to the happyness I have desired.

This is the happiest Christmas ever. Freed from the burden of work obligations, unveiling the excitement of change. I feel it’s gonna be a good change. Am I scared? Hell yeah. Being a single parent thus the only financial support to Kiddo’s life (and Vizsla’s life) being terminated at a job is scary. But I also know fear is one of the things that blindfolds us, numbs us, makes us unable to see possibilities behind such a change. I consiously hush this fear in my brain and try to focus on my possibilities. With the right mindset I am sure I will find what I am looking for.

Happy Holidays to you reading this. 2017 is gonna be hell of a year. Or rather, heaven.


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