I have just applied for another admin position at a company I’d pretty much like to work for. Another food supp company which actually sponsors my fitness coach (yeah, since Aug I am supposed to go for practice 5 times a week which went fine in Aug and has practically stopped in mid-Sep due to workload rocketing to space). She promised she would promote me for at least one interview which sounds great considering my CV is a manager’s CV that would leave any employers uninterested in case of hiring for an admin position. No need to say the job itself would not be a challenge for me but that is exactly what I want. A safe, stable job without any challenge sparing all my energy for Kiddo and Vizsla – and my exercises, running or weightlifting. A job that is in the neighborhood and is not more than 8 hours of work daily, and which makes me possible to get home before 5 p.m. every day. Thus this job even paying me less than my current one. Money is nothing if you have no time or energy to spend it. If you ask me.

So now I am kind of excited. I have my applications in three places now. I can’t even remember how fast or slow it goes to be contacted. I am pretty sure I am facing changes, changes I want. Good changes. It is just the matter of time. And I have the gut feeling it won’t even take that much time…


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