Rehab day #1.

Due to focus shifted from Vizsla to Kiddo (diving practice with no babysitter) and myself (new habit of working out in a gym every evening), she completely fell apart. I spent less time with her out of sheer exhaust, and paid less attention to rules, and she was very sensitive to that. In the past 2 weeks she was barking all day, besides other anxiety signs, just like when I adopted her 20 months ago.

Last week I was carrying her to a rehab center every other day, on the days between to a daycare. That obviously cannot be a routine for the future.

So now this is the week when I have to put her back in place. I am off the whole week. Thank God she is adapting very fast. We had a long, controlled walk in the morning, I threw her to among strange dogs being alert to any sign of attack intention on her side, and then we practised me being away from home and her not barking. I am quite satisfied with the result – and it is only Monday. I am very hopeful she won’t need to be anxious anymore – and it is all on me. I am away for 10 hours every single workday in the current setup (which I very much want to make a change about) and she needs to stay calm until I get home. Like she did before.

We can do it. She can do it.

I must do it.


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