Back on the horse. Blogging again.

In the need again. I need a place where I can arrange my thoughts into a plan. Into reality.

Because I am just in the phase of taking my next step. I want a full change in my life. Currently I am a successful Logistics Manager at a fancy multinational company – a whore, if you like. Doing what needs to be done for the nice money. I so hate every single minute of it.

Because at the same time I am a single mother with a son of 10, and a dog owner/rehabilitator to my adopted, seriously unstable vizsla, who both need all my available time. Which is, being a whore to this company, not much… mostly equalling to zero, to be honest.

I want another life. A life with a lot less responsibility, for a lot less money, obviously. I started applying on Wednesday. It is exciting. It is a big decision and it is made, more or less, but of course I have my worries, my fears, my doubts. I am all alone in this decision, if I asked Kiddo, he’d vote for the big money and time, which is not an option. He does not know.

It is me to know everything, to always make the right decision, and it is freakin’ exhausting.

So here I am, back on the horse. Blogging again.


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